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I am always saying its a good thing you can't gain weight from reading and writing  recipes. I always loved food and now with writing my own recipes, I love food even more. My whole life I was a sugar junkie and now have seen myself slowing moving over to being a food junkie. I really enjoy all my meals. As in life, good or bad I try and walk away with a positive experience from what I have just eaten. There are a few things that I do not eat. An absolute no no on my what enters my mouth and that is liver and beets. I am trying hard to come up with recipes for them, so I am asking my readers to share your favorites beet and liver recipes for my readers. It will also give you more exposure to your website. I am a bit sad that its the time of the year, when the comfort foods we have eaten all winter have to be tucked away and now its all about the bbq. I equate bbq's with hot dogs and potatoe salad, kids in the pool and tank tops. I believe its a good way to get family and friends together. Bribe them with a beer and some bbq'd food and they wont say no. I am trying to keep things light this summer. I am eating a lot of fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit. So you will see for the next few months that The Gourmet Mom website will have lots of these recipes for the summer months. I also, came up with some great burger recipes that I will be sharing soon.

The monthly page views for The Gourmet Mom website has hit over 250,000 per month, thank you for the support. Its always nice to know that what you are doing is well received. With all the work writing recipes and taking pictures getting my collection of 27 new cookbooks has taken a back seat. I need more hours in the day, more arms and more legs for sure, but it will get done sooner than later.

The Gourmet Mom will be launching a product line which is in the process of patenting, so stay tuned. Its all very exciting and I cant wait to make things easier in your kitchen.

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Enjoy the summer!
The Gourmet Mom
Lisa Montalva

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