Marshmallow Frosting

It took a short time to make this. I made it in the past with the butter and the confectioners sugar, but when it a hurry, use store bought products that you can combine to make a delicious short cut. Marshmallows are just delicious, full of calories, but still yummy. I wanted to give more a tickle on the tongue when biting into my chocolate cupcakes. I bought a kit of decorating tools, believe me the other 23 did not come out so well, but this one looked pretty. Its definitely an art. From now on I think I will just smooth my icing on :).

1 container of vanilla or white frosting
1 16 oz. jar of fluff

Combine the 2 in a bowl and blend with hand mixer. I refrigerated mine for an hour and then put in the pastry bag and starting my decorating. If you do not know how to do this, I would just use a spatula. Even the ugly ones were delicious.

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