Ice Coffee

I am always surprised when people go buy their ice coffees from a convenience store for the same price its costs to make a whole weeks worth of them. Its very simple and doesn't take any longer than making one cup of coffee at home. Try it and save the money for something more fun like a new pair of shoes. It adds up!

1 pot of coffee of your choice
Your choice of sweetener
Your choice of creamer

Make a pot of coffee as you do everyday or if this is the first time, GOOD LUCK! After coffee has brewed. Remove and let cool down completely. I pour the cooled coffee into a pitcher with a cover, just like the ones you use to make lemonade or ice tea. When I am ready for the Ice Coffee, I get myself out either a  glass to drink in my house or my travel mug. Fill with ice half way up, pour in coffee, add creamer and sugar. give a stir and there you go....Ice Coffee that didn't cost $4 at a time. If you buy it out 5 days a week, think of all the money you will save in one year! Big dollars.

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