Chocolate Pudding Dessert

Who doesn't love chocolate pudding! If you need an inexpensive dessert that you need to fancy up, try this one. Sometimes just changing up the way you present dessert can make it go from ordinary to extraordinary.

2 boxes of chocolate pudding mix. (You can use instant, but I prefer the cooking kind for this)
4 cups of milk as indicated on box
1 can of squeeze whipped cream
1 box of Goobers candy (movie theatre box size)

First make the pudding according to the directions on the box. Once cooked and cooled a bit, pour into 6 tall glasses and refrigerate for 4 hours. When you are ready for dessert, remove from refrigerator. Take Goobers and place in Ziploc bag. With back of pot or rolling pin, break up the Goobers into small pieces. Sprinkle top of the pudding with the Goobers, give a nice squirt of whipped cream and then sprinkle a few Goobers again on top. Your guests will give you a standing ovation and love you for the yummy dessert.

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