Bunny Cupcakes

Aren’t these just so cute? My family’s going to think I am a rock star, but honestly it took me 30 tries to get the frosting exactly the way I wanted it because of the size of the whole I cut in my baggy for the icing. I think they would have loved even the ones that looked a mess. Cupcakes are yummy treats! Don’t be afraid to let your creative side out.

1 package of yellow cake mix and all of its ingredients
12 pink cupcake papers
12 candy bunnies
24 candied flowers, optional
1 container of white icing
Green food coloring

Bake cupcakes according to the directions on box. Let cupcakes cool. Remove icing from container and place in a bowl. Add in 3 drops of food coloring and use hand mixer to incorporate. Continue to add food color until you get to the color of your liking. I added 7 drops. When you get to the color you want. Coat the top of the cupcake with a tiny layer of the icing. To make the grass,  I put a plastic bag in a tall glass and scoop the icing into baggy. Don’t fill all the way. Remove baggy from glass and twist shut. Snip a tiny and I mean tiny slit at bottom of bag. Start from center of cupcake and squeeze tiny lengths of icing out on to cupcake. Continue this procedure until the whole cupcake is filled. Grass is not perfect so either should your cupcake. I topped it with a candy bunny and 2 flowers that I had left over from birthday cupcakes I made my daughter. Serve!

  Recipe By The Gourmet Mom
Lisa Montalva
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