Coffee Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes

Two of my favorite flavors are coffee and chocolate so I decided to try and make my own coffee frosting for my chocolate cupcakes and it worked. Give it a try, it’s a quick and easy fix to dazzle your cupcakes.

1 package of chocolate cake mix
1 container butter cream frosting
1/4 cup of black coffee

Make your cupcakes according to the directions on the box. Remove and let cool thoroughly. Remove the frosting from the container and place in a medium size bowl. Begin to whip the frosting on low with a blender. Add in 1 tsp. at a time of the black coffee to get the color and flavor that you wish. All you really need is 2 teaspoons to make it coffee flavored, but some coffee drinkers might like it more robust in flavor. I use 3 teaspoons of the black coffee. Once it is all incorporate let sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to an hour so that it gets to a more dense consistency again. Don't worry if it gets watery, just let sit and it will get back to where it needs to be. Frost the cupcakes and decorate if  you wish. I placed a tiny chocolate dipped cookie on mine, but just plain is fine as the taste is big. 
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