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Well, its Febraury 14, 2011 and The Gourmet Mom blog has been up about 2 weeks and seems to be well taken. My interest in cooking started when I was a kid and of course when I got married and children took off from there. Having a husband and 2 girls that didn’t have the same taste palate it was quite difficult to make something that everyone would like. So, I would say I became a short order cook and made 3 different meals. It was 1994 when I decided to put my recipes down on paper. I had come up with these 30 minute meals, but in the microwave. The microwave was a big deal back then and I was busy working, raising kids and taking care of my home. Unfortunately, I was getting divorced and had to put this creative dream to the waist side. Its funny, a few people now ask me who knew about the idea ask, “did you sell your idea to Rachael Ray?” I laugh. So here I am now, 16 years later and with the push from my business partner Joseph A. Pellicane I decided to find someone to get the books published. The Gourmet Mom: Appetizers was born. Now with the help of another friend, Christine Lynch; my publicist and creative supporter, has put my ideas in blogs and websites and made them a reality. Our goal is to bring you many recipes each week, hear about my trials and tribulations of being a mom, a business owner and having this deep desire to create. I want to interact with other people who love to cook or better yet, love to eat. Talk to me. Ask me a question, give me advice. I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the recipes.

The Gourmet Mom
Lisa Montalva
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