Chocolate Croissants

Don't you just to wow the family or guests with these simple ideas? I do. They will think you are amazing with these chocolate croissants. All you need is a tube of ready made croissants and 2 chocolate bars. Can't get any easier. A great way to impress the guests on a Sunday morning.

2 packages of croissants (you can use Pillsbury or store brand) 
1 bag of chocolate chips or 3 Hershey bars 

Directions: Preheat oven according to packages. Open the package and separate the croissant dough. In the center of each piece of dough either place 2 row of candy bars or a tbs. of chips. Add as much or little as you want to make them really chocolatey or less chocolatey. Place on non-stick cookie sheet. 

Bake according to directions and serve hot with some milk, coffee or tea. Now that is good!

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