By accident Marble Cake

So this was an ooops day. I was making a cake to bring to my friends house as she was having an Arbonne makeup party and when I poured the yellow cake mix into the bundt wasn't enough cake mix. I must have bought the jumbo size one. So what to do, I made a chocolate cake and poured it right on top. Yes, sometimes the boo boos come out to be good things. We just served it on a cake plate and it was simply delicious. If you want to get more of a swirl so it looks very marbly, just take a knife through the batters and give it some twists and turns....
You can try this technique with many flavor cakes.
1 yellow cake mix
1 chocolate cake mix
Make cake batter according to instructions on the box and pour half of yellow cake mix into pan (use bundt pan) and then half of chocolate cake mix and then repeat. Take a knife and make swirls in the mix to get a marble effect. Not a lot of it will just blend into one color. Bake according to the directions on the box, but keep testing it with a knife or toothpick as it might take a bit longer to cook thoroughly.  I had to bake mine 10 more minutes.
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