Vodka Milkshakes

As most of you know, I am a dessert and ice cream freak. I love, love, love milk shakes and yes they are so fattening, but who cares. Sometimes, we just need to have fun! When you want a little adult treat, make one of these shakes for yourself or for you and your friends. You can just serve these for dessert. Another great hit. You might want to put the glasses in the freezer for about an hour or so before making these. Keeps the shakes cold on hot nights.

1 gallon of ice cream flavor of your choice
4 cups of milk, skim or regular
4 shots of vodka
2 cups of ice

In a large blender add in 12 scoops of ice cream (makes 4 shakes), milk, vodka, ice and milk. Blend until smooth. Pour into tall glasses, serve with a straw and a smile. 
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