Jello Mousse

My mother would make this for me when I was a kid and I thought she was an amazing cook.  I couldn’t imagine how she did this. Back 40 years ago she would whip the cream from heavy cream, added sugar and would even put it in a mold. Times have changed!
1  package (6oz.) of jello, flavor of your choice
3  cups of boiling water
16 oz. container of whipped topping. You can use regular, light or fat free

Boil water. In bowl empty contents of jello mix. Pour in boiling water and mixed well. Empty contents of whipped topping and this needs to be blended until smooth and there are no lumps of whipped topping.

I pour in individual glasses. One package usually makes 4 even though the box says 5.

You can top with more whipped topping if you wish.

Recipe By The Gourmet Mom
Lisa Montalva

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