Chocolate Chunk cookies with Coconut

I made these cookies and forgot to take a picture of them when they finished baking, I just got myself a piece. Omg, I need to start making things that I don’t like to eat or I am going to be 900 pounds. My Cane Corso, Lola is always close by when Mommy is cooking anything.

1 package of chocolate chunk cookie mix
   (1 egg, 2 tbs. water and ¼ cup of oil)
½ cup coconut flakes
½ tsp. of coconut extract

I prepared the cookie mix as indicated on the bag and added the coconut flakes & extract.I baked in a round non-stick baking dish so it looked like a big cookie. When I bake in this type of pan, I serve in pie sections with a big cold glass of milk. So good. 
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