August 2011

The Gourmet Mom has new and exciting things coming to you. I wrote my first cookbook back in August 2010 and it seems to be that the publisher I signed up with has scammed me and hundreds of other authors out of their royalties. For me, it’s not as devastating, but very hurtful as I plan to write at least 24 more books, possibly more. I have spoken to about 14 other authors and these men and women spend years writing novels to just have it blow up in their faces. I am still unsure how companies such as this publisher can get away with it up to now, but we are hoping that the word will get out there and other non-suspecting authors will not be taken advantage as well. Chrissie, Joe and I will be self publishing The Gourmet Mom series in the next month and the kindles and books will be available for purchase through Amazon; which is a very reputable company and we are thrilled. We plan to bring you hundreds of thousands of recipes over the next few years. You also will be able to get recipes on all our sites and blogs. Just go to and you will be able to find all the links to our other sites.

We are now looking to help get other foodies, food bloggers and anyone else interested in food to get their recipes out there. You can submit your recipe; which will be featured on our site with you recipe picture if you have one and your name if you wish. This is all about sharing great food.

Joseph and I will be cooking together creating new recipes together and getting them out to you really soon. Hopefully, by the end of the month we will have The Gourmet Mom cooking series out on YouTube. So much to do, but all so exciting creating and eating delicious food!
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