Bran-Banana Pancakes

3/4 C. oat bran
1/4 C. whole wheat flour
1/2 C. all-purpose flour
1 T. baking powder
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 very ripe banana, sliced
1 egg
1 C. milk
1 T. maple syrup
1 T. vegetable oil (optional)

In a medium bowl, combine bran, flour, baking powder and cinnamon. In a blender,
mix remaining ingredients. Add to dry ingredients and stir until just combined;
do not over-mix.

Spray a cold nonstick griddle or frying pan with canola or olive oil and put on
medium heat. Spoon 2 heaping tablespoons of batter on hot griddle for each
pancake. Cook until bubbles appear and bottom is golden; flip. Cook 1 minute
more. Makes 12.

 Recipe By The Gourmet Mom
Lisa Montalva
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