Cucumber on Pita Chips

This is one of my favorite in case of an emergency appetizers....Like when people stop by unannounced and you have to serve them something and quick. Although, cucumbers do not stay long in your refrigerator the hummus and chips do, so if you can always keep them on hand for these types of "emergencies". I actually make these sometimes just for me as its better than eating a bag of cookies and I like my sweets...
A bag of flat pita chips
1 10 oz. pre-made hummus container (any flavor)
1 large English cucumber (these have no seeds)
Lay the chips down on a big serving platter. Clean and peel the cucumber and dice into maybe 1/2 inch slices. Top the pita chip with the cucumber and 1 tsp. of the hummus on top and serve. Now that was pretty easy!
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