Banana Cupcakes

1 box of banana cake mix, if you do not have that you can use yellow cake mix
2  Bananas, I prefer ones that have more black as they are sweeter
1 box of instant banana pudding

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees.  Prepare cake as indicated on box. Remove bananas from skins and mash with fork, add to cake batter with the banana instant pudding. Blend well, for about 2 minutes with electric mixer.  As an option you can add walnuts to the batter, but she make sure someone with nut allergies is not going to be eating them.

If you do not have cupcake cups, makes sure to spray the cupcake tins.

Pour batter into cupcake cups and bake as indicated on cake box; usually for 30 or 35 minutes. 
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