Greek Omelet

At my last Dr's visit I was told that my "good cholesterol" was bad. Whats up with that? If anything my bad should be bad. So now I am on a mission to lose ten pounds as the my physician said this would help and by eating heart healthy foods. The first on the list was red wine. Omg, if any of you know me, that's a big fat no. I hate the taste, but for one week I poured a tiny glass and pinched my nose as I drank it. It was like watching a 5 year old eat lima beans or something. Almonds were another thing on the list and at plenty of those, but they have so many calories. Its been a struggle, but the numbers are decreasing. Oh and Salmon is another good food, but every time I buy it the taste to me is very fishy. I am more of a white fish person. I love eggs, but and like to each them every week, I have been working with the egg substitute products and happen to think they taste really good especially when you add lots of stuff to them. I made this recipe for one person, so change accordingly.

1 cup of egg substitute
6 cherry tomatoes, clean and sliced in half
1/2 cup feta cheese
1 small red onion sliced
1/2 tsp. of oregano
1 tsp. parsley flakes
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
1/4 tsp. red wine vinegar

Heat up small fry pan and coat with spray oil. In a bowl add in all ingredients except the tomatoes, mix and pour into fry pan. With any omelet, you must not play with it. Let it start to cook and after about 2 minutes or so start pulling down the edges and let the wet liquid in. You can do this procedure 2 or 3 times or just leave it alone to cook on low heat. Once the eggs are firm top with the tomatoes and and let heat for about 1 minute. Remove fry pan from heat. Place pan over dish and begin to slide out omelet. Once half the omelet is out, flip the rest on top of itself so it looks like a a half of a circle. I usually top with some more feta, that's because I love it and maybe some onions and a bit more pepper. Remember to add or remove ingredients as you wish as cooking is about creating. Make it your own.  

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